She wreaks of filth


The wretched filth festers

broods upon the glorious, inglorious lands

seep it does, allow we did, the uniform of stench

nonsensical ways in which change stays the same

ugliness has stolen love and shelter

first, second, third hand guilty all counts and charges

to condone is to allow, we earn chaotic madness equally

now to get rid of such means;

to relinquish one thing nobody wants to give up

well done human race, well done.


The guitar that didn't play

Finely tuned and in perfect shape
a song ready to be heard, yet
without reason there it lay
the guitar that didn't play

just a little time is all it'd take
strum along for a moment in a day
mute when it should be heard
the guitar that didn't play

a wondrous joy for many
taken care of and given a chance
without arms this one remains
the guitar that didn't play

next time boredom takes over
when life seems bland and dull
always there is company for you
the guitar that didn't play




A plea to the bullet

The bullet that penetrates

may it kiss with a force;

that closes my eyes and frees the spirit

and allows one to roam and roam

may it not cast me into a;

bigger cage per a trapped spirit

into an unusable body

the bullet that penetrates

kiss me if you must but,

in doing so kiss with forgiveness


From the eyes of the cross

Here I stand firmly in the ground
rustling and commotion surrounds me
shouting and shrieking
yelling and sobbing
whips cracking
people sprawling
blood staining the ground
anger and sadness is apparent
what did I do to deserve this?
forever the light shines on me
before today I was irrelevant
my existence was obsolete
this man that brought me here
weak and staggering
tortured and in pain
who is he?
as a pain goes through me
I'm left wondering (why me)
aching and hurting
I have acquired a new burden
as the crowd walks away
I'm left with this man to cry with
he is also whom I will die with
my name will stand the test of time
known as an accomplice,
in this assisted suicide



Heavenly as peace of mind

Keep me calm as freshly set dew

reflective per a stream of which the sun reflects

may I remain precious like times, with a smile they end.

Keep me kind at heart beyond the time a tree touches the sky

and uplifting like a rainbow that shares her colors with man

allow me to subtract ugly litter so pleasant valleys you only see

Be my fire that keeps me warm when the wind chills

and I to you will be the rain that washes away your hurt

colorful like a sunrise let us be to this world

In your brain may I be heavenly as peace of mind

to that heart I long for perfect like a sunset, keep me

together may we be successful as nature and all her beauty.






Don't write “the end”

Leave it unwritten for the hope that;

dreams don't die they just get put on hold

and that all stories can potentially end happily,

if time permits to be a friend and allows such.

If the sun decides to take off a day or two

leave it unwritten for the hope that;

all will be well, tomorrow will come nonetheless

and more appreciation for the bright will instill.

The rain that refuses to come down and play

then could be seen as a tease instead of a torture

leave it unwritten for the hope that;

when it decides to fall less rain will go to waste.

When the journey becomes long and legs grow tired

and the road doesn't seem to have the destination;

in its foreseeable future, instead of it a waste of time,

leave it unwritten if for none else but the hope.




The outer realm with eyes that see blind
and where voices speak in mute,
don't understand the benefit
rollin' in the mud
holdin' a metal rod to lightning can bring
when you feel the worst after losin' the best

pain becomes the synonym for cherished memories

love becomes the antonym of forever


Eyes of the shadow

Unable to look his shadow in the eyes

for fear the bright may blind him

renegade thoughts on a teeter totter,

seeking balance.

Where does love end?

A sign, a map?

The notion to smother the flame is there

a curious way in which hope leads the faithless

continues to burn does the flame

bright, though now silent

chaos and belligerence is now a way of life

not a waste though, not when feeling and process occurs

not when remaining stagnant

though few, is worth every hello.

I call upon the Gods

I call upon the Gods, myths, legends and folklore of time,
to come together and halt senseless slaughter

also restore loves name so once again
unparalleled to mediocre likeness
 it becomes
mold minds of humanity to think like saviors
instead of cannibalistic animals groanin' for the next feast

implant forgiveness in the best so that so the worst remain;

silent as a tired blackened night..... asleep

erase ultimatums from the bullies, let it be known
father(s) of creation there is no fear in the afterlife
humble humans so that they may realize they end from the start,
like they don't exist
oh great creator(s) unleash your safe haven wrath of love

and tenderly catch each child no matter their age,
one by one
as they are brought into your realm
with your thunderous, fierce, soft hands,
make the granite reflect times of now
make it known rank is a man made label;
so that the insecure may become secure

however not intended for eternal happiness


She Is Grace

What a characteristic to behold,

an ability to dissipate negative energy.
Feverish desire is what she leaves behind
along with an emptiness due to wondrous virtue.
Astonishment roars for her gift to keep deafness away
and with every heart she touches a better world is born
simplicity of her technique results in masses to amaze
a true gem, earths most beautiful jewel.
As ugliness hides, betterment of one's self draws greed
to keep in response to the need because she is grace


A blanket of snow surrounds a path
for wheels of a carriage, hooves to beat
some will pout, moan fearing the colds wrath

a day for us to enjoy my sweet
a treat when romances buds blossom
bodies wrapped in warmth to hold, cherish
reserved for two is this love stardom
a moment in time that lasts past perish

delight wide as the sky on this night

frozen breath, sounds of earth stage the scene

your lips in conversation invites

nothing amongst us can come between

point one percent of atoms matter
love is our cake and time is batter



When Democracy Dies

The ocean offers comfort with a whisper,
"drop your guard, you shall not hurt"
A sensation of discomfort passes through;
the tender fibers of all I am made of.
Confused by the sweet offer and rebel feelings,
I accept and gracefully lay upon the glorious body.
For eternal seconds the promise is gold

however added weight sets heaviness in, I struggle.
Regain my composure to no avail, failure greets me.
How could I have deceptive sight with two healthy eyes?

As my journey continues through this mass of mayhem
lies that lead to my downfall, secondary, my end is in my control

Fading to the light

Closer to the front of the doors

the blackness starts to fade into clarity

as multiple sounds deafen into;
a singular voice, the weight of pain
is shed into a deep breath, upheaval of freedom

the painful sensation in the heart no longer burns
a mess of fruitless endeavors no longer have bearing
calm, shelter, freedom, peace of mind

you made it child, you are home

If Loved First,
At First Sight

Soggy not would be the lash of an eye

in the saddened blocking of light at day
or a choice curse from lips so lovely
had error of words not led her intentions astray

perfection is how well handled are imperfect times
not close by those standards in this moment's second
though still how a held breath continues to breathe
as night greets morning and evening kisses night

a heart that aches is knowledge in love, and;
that knowledge allows chance to create a new day
different worlds remain under the same sky
and inevitable thoughts still arise, about what would be;
if the love they knew had them love first at first sight

Social Acceptance

A river flows into the night,
with an aura of ignorance
it knows and sees only;
within its confinement
with help it breaks its bounds
out of rage, fed up, for a second
the river's voice evaporates;
back to its confined space
back to a sound that speaks to itself
and is only heard in ultra silent times
it may seem like the river is doing its will
but in reality it's only doing what it's allowed too


She Is The Sky

The cover of security leading;
the way in a personal world
bringing forth the light for clarity
the night to refresh and soothe
she is the background canvas
in the painting of life
the foundation in which happiness is built
in a normal everyday existence;
she views, as glamorous
the color that points out black and white
a never ending pleasurable journey
that must be explored
the keeper that allows the stars to shine
she is the sky and I look up to her.